Off-grid means you off (switch off) the power grid or the local utility company that sends you an electricity bill every month. However, off grid solar systems are gonna give you the freedom to live where you want, remotely, away from the power grid so you can be your own power generator.
UTL's on-grid solar power systems are the latest technology, extremely efficient, and the most widely chosen solar systems installed all over India.An on-grid solar system generates electricity and feeds it into the grid. Further, the utility grid runs your connected load
UTL’s hybrid solar systems are well designed latest technology, fully customizable “solar-plus-storage systems”. If your regular electricity consumption is high and long power cuts are a major problem that you are facing off. Then our premium quality hybrid solar systems are an amazing alternative to lower your power bills and protect you from power outages. During an outage, the solar batteries take over as a backup power source and automatically start to power your critical appliances.
Solar Management Unit
UTL introducing a brand new and unique solar device name ' Solar Management Unit". SMU (solar management unit) is the India’s special and unique device that converts your simple Inverter into Solar Inverter. SMU ensures priority usage of solar power to reduce grid (government electricity) consumption. The same SMU is work for both 12V & 24V inverter.